About Me


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Hello, my name is Jeffrey Fisher II. I am from Dublin, California and I have lived in Dublin all of my life. I received my high school education at Dublin High School and moved onto Texas A&M University to major in electrical engineering. From a young age I have been fascinated by engineering; as a child during my free time, I liked taking things apart, fixing things that were broken and programming on my computer. Throughout middle school, I went to summer camps where I was taught how to program and do various computer-related projects. Although I found these camps fun, I never truly fell in love with engineering until the summer after 8th grade. That summer I took a Robotics class at Dublin High School. In the class, we used an Arduino to make different circuits and ultimately build our own robots. After that class I entered high school, immediately joined The Dublin High School Robotics Club, 
and have been in the club ever since. As well as being in the robotics club I also took a Computer Science class my Freshman year. After Freshman year I continued robotics at home and worked on countless DIY projects. Sophomore year, I took a class called Introduction to Engineering Design (IED). In IED we used a software called Autodesk Inventor to create three-dimensional objects that we later built.  The summer before Junior year I spent much of the summer learning Swift and building projects at Tech Shop in San Jose.  Junior year was a busy year, I achieved the rank of Eagle in Scouting, as team captain my team and I won the VEX Robotics California State Championship Design Award and the Think Award at the VEX Robotics World Championship. I also learned a lot in Digital Electronics class which expanded my knowledge of electrical engineering. In my senior, the year I took Computer Integrated Manufacturing and I was secretary of the robotics club. 
    Currently, I am a full-time student at Texas A&M University working towards earning my Electrical Engineering degree. After college, I plan on working in consumer electronics, IoT, or robotics.